Sometime Tomorrow

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Paperback book version – Sometime Tomorrow

  My first attempt at science fiction. Alternate reality? Does it even exist? Or, are we already co-existing and just don’t know it? If we design a probe to explore and it vanishes, how do we get it back? Where, or when, did it go? How many lives will it affect? So many questions…,

   I love Tess. She has the spunk to pick herself up and move on. She’s willing to take chances and she always says what’s on her mind. Jordan, who was supposed to be the hero in the story, took a back seat to Tess and Ramon. But, in his short excursion into the next reality, he shows his true potential. There is a lot more to Jordan than what I’ve written so far.

   Ramon blew me away. I always let my characters have free reign over their actions and, most of the time, their words. Ramon was supposed to be a friend with whom Tess could converse when she was alone. But, given his unlimited access to information, his ability to process it and, coupled with his curiosity programming, he became an almost uncontrollable force. Ramon helped me see new possibilities.

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