Most of my short stories start with an idea that was inspired by some bit of conversation, a news clip or a half-known truth which forms the framework. In The Bad Fortune Teller series I aim for humor, the absurd, unpredictable and if anything can go wrong, I’m on it. In the Light Years Away series, satire, content centers around politics, science, religion and human folly, a fascinating combination. The tales in the Short Stories section are based on life’s experiences.

   My novels tend to read like screenplays. Most chapters are from one to five pages long and much of that is usually dialogue. I like frequent scene changes, new characters and perspectives and I like to shape time by telling stories within stories. I enjoy bringing out what my characters are really thinking, even if they never say it.

   All of my illustrations are done with a mouse. I start in Flash, make the layers that I need to accomplish the image that I want and then export the file over to Photoshop where I do the finishing touches.

FYI: ‘Download for free’ takes you to that story in my account in Smashwords where you can download in whatever format you choose. Cheers!

Interview with:  D. D. Riessen