Just Passing Through

   Living in Nebraska, we used to sit out on the porch and watch the storms approaching, visible for miles due to the flat terrain and lack of tall buildings, dark clouds with gray shafts of slanted rain trailing below, rolling toward us, exploding with light and thunder so loud it rattled the windows.

   Crazy Eddie addresses all of my questions about lightning. How does it get in? What happens when it does? Where does it go, and why? Can it hurt you when it’s just a ball of energy looking for ground? And “Dad” answers some of the more complicated questions, the speed of sound, lightning, and why the speed of lightning is different than that of light.

   Lightning did hit the car, that much is true. There was no damage. And the tree did fall on our neighbor’s house that night, lots of damage. And yes, the neighbors on the other side of us did lose their TV.

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Just Passing Through

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