Borrowing Time

There were too many unanswered questions at the end of The Other World. I had no idea where this sequel would lead but thought I knew who the main participants were going to be. But as the story unfolded, new characters just popped in, their sudden appearance and motives surprising even me, which made for a far more spontaneous telling of the story.

Sasi sets the tone and the pace and it is from her perspective that the story starts to unfold. Teaming up with Sam, they discover more than what they bargained for. And, as usual, stuff happens. If someone else wants what you have, how far will they go to obtain it? Murder? Of course. Some people have no scruples.

Also, hats off to Phelan Riessen for making the cover presentable. He did an excellent makeover of an otherwise ho-hum cover. Thank you!

This is the sequel to The Other World.

Digital version now available at: Borrowing Time

Paperback version available at: Borrowing Time


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