On Standby

   This is my first attempt at omnipresence. I’d always wondered how writers can tell a story without ever being in it. One of my instructors always said, “Don’t tell it, live it.” That sounds so simple. What I’ve learned is to let my characters do the work, dialogue. That gets me out of the picture. Each of my characters have their own inner thoughts, concerns and full control over their words, though some of you may not like the language.

   Robby was hard to read. I knew he had a problem right from the start. But he always had a smile and was able to fix things that confounded others. His departure from the crew surprised even me, and that is where the real fiction of the story begins. I had to follow Robby and see what he was going to do.

Digital version now available at:On Standby

Paperback version available at: On Standby

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