Ku-chan was inspired by a tiny white cloud trapped beneath a ceiling of dark, oppressive clouds over Tokyo many years ago, an incoming typhoon. Watching from my 2nd story apartment window, I was amazed at how the tiny cloud raced over the tops of the buildings, moving much faster than the storm, until it found a hole in the ceiling and disappeared up into the unknown.

   A psychic in Tokyo introduced me to Kyo Takahashi, who was eager to illustrate the story. His exquisite watercolor illustrations provide a marvelous interpretation of my words and, in so doing, gave Ku-chan (little cloud) a personality that even I could not imagine.

   Sadly, Kyo Takahashi passed away in August of 2014. To visit his Facebook page, please go to:

Kyo Takahashi

Ku-chan is available in paperback at:   Ku-chan     Digital download at:  Ku-chan

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