3. The Bad Fortune Teller – Melvin and the Mud Daubers

   This is the third of my non-children’s stories under the umbrella of The Bad Fortune Teller. Madam Nuage has little patience for Melvin but, in the end, does show a hint of compassion

   If you’re ever in the vicinity of a wasp, look closely and you will notice that it will never let you out of its sight. Walk around it, try to get behind it. They do not trust us any more than we trust them.

   Put them up on a roof, out of sight and out of reach of the ten foot spray, make them aggressive (something they already are), and you will begin to understand Melvin’s problem. Throw in a bad back (or throw out a good one) and you can understand why he feels the need to be rid of them. Little does he know that his biggest liability can also be his greatest asset.

   Most of this is true. I had that wasp problem but skip the bee suit, seer, hooded attackers and you’ll have a more accurate description of what really happened. Eventually the nest got so big that it fell down due to its own weight. Glad I wasn’t around.

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Melvin and the Mud Daubers

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